Brain Development

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Our brain regularly needs rejuvenation to ensure our thinking ability it put to best use. Did you know, an oil massage in your belly button can sharpen your mind? Yes, you read that right! Our 'Brain Development - Luxurious Belly Button Oil' is infused with the goodness of Almond, Soya, Kalonji, Sesame along with 24K Gold Flakes is just the right solution for you to enhance your intelligence. Think wisely, choose the best to enhance your thinking ability.


How does it work?

Pechoti gland or any other part of your anatomy that lets you absorb oils through your belly button. Oiling your belly button can purify your blood, remove impurities and blemishes from the body. Internally the veins and arteries in the cord close up and form ligaments, which are tough connective tissues. These ligaments divide up the liver into sections and remain attached to the inside of the belly button.


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